• Friction Materials

    Friction Materials

    Tool assemblies and forms can be created to achieve a finished product
  • Composites Made Easy

    Composites Made Easy

    Surface tools for the toughest jobs in industries such as Automotive, Aviation and Ceramics.
  • Ready to Grind!

    Ready to Grind!

    MB Superabrasives, LLC is an application- and process-focused producer of diamond and CBN grinding products.
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MB Superabrasives LLC is an application and process focused producer of diamond tooling.

Abrasive Solutions
We provide engineering services to design and produce abrasive solutions using our proprietary manufacturing techniques to maximize stock removal and tool life. Our products include a single layer diamond and CBN tooling as well as sintered metal products with positioned and impregnated abrasives. Our facility is located in Columbia, South Carolina, where all operations from design, tool body construction and final inspection are performed. Read more about our products and how we can find a solution to fit your needs no matter what industry you are in.
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Industry proven

Superabrasives get the job done
Our organization continues to grow. Industries such as Airline, Automotive, Military and others, rely on our unsurpassed ability to grind through the toughest materials and composites out there.
  • Engineered Solutions

    We provide engineering services as well as process monitoring and improvement.
  • Roughing and Finishing

    For any application, Ceramic, Steel, Friction Materials and Composites. Grit sizes for rough or fine finish.
  • Machining

    Fully equipped machine shop offering tool production and product testing
  • Specialty Tooling

    Use our quoting page to build any type of tool ranging from countersinks and more.
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