• Surfacing USA!

    Surfacing USA!

    Surface tools for the toughest jobs in industries such as Automotive, Aviation, Construction and more.
  • Ready to Grind!

    Ready to Grind!

    MB Superabrasives, LLC is an application- and process-focused producer of diamond and CBN grinding products. We produce customer-designed abrasive solutions using our proprietary manufacturing techniques to produce abrasive solutions to maximize stock removal and tool life.
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MB Superabrasive products are manufactured utilizing Vacuum Braze Bonding Technology.

Multiple Applications
Controlled exposure of diamond and CBN particles. This will increase grinding rates and reduce spindle loads. Application-driven spacing and size of diamond and CBN particles to maximize stock removal and tool life. In-house machining capability to part-specific solutions can be designed and produced to required lead times. MB Superabrasives products don’t strip or delaminate as can single-layer products with electroplated bonding systems.Tools can be stripped, rebrazed with fresh abrasive and returned to production.
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Industry proven

Superabrasives get the job done
Our organization continues to grow. Industries such as Airline, Automotive, Military and others, rely on our unsurpassed ability to grind through the toughest materials and composites out there.
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