• Our Abrasive Technology

    Our Abrasive Technology

    For any application, steel, ceramic, friction materials composites and more
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MB Superabrasives is an application driven company, we offer Engineering services to design and build tooling to meet customer requirements.  Our in-house abilities include:

·         Fully equipped machine shop allowing us to manufacture tool bodies for abrasive coating. 

·         Braze production to meet application needs and customer demand. 

·         Braze and Diamond application using our proprietary coating methods.

·         Vacuum Furnaces required for bonding.

·         Tooling inspection and qualification throughout the process.

MB Superabrasives also has the ability to offer tooling analysis for process improvements.  We have grind monitoring equipment to determine abrasive sharpness, leading to tool optimization.  This allows for the best grind possible and extending the life of the tool.  Additionally, applied forces to the spindle can also be evaluated based on Customer need.